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  • Ultra-lightweight & Accessible - A practical addition to your set of firefighter tools, our mini spanner weighs only 2.5 ounces each. It fits in your bunker gear pocket, making it easy to access any time, anywhere.
  • Heavy-duty - Our mini spanner wrench is made of 6061 T6 stainless steel, a metal suitable for tough tasks while firefighting. Small yet sturdy and tough, it excels at getting the job done.
  • Tightens Couplings - Use this firefighter spanner wrench to tighten and secure loose couplings. Whether it’s for a standpipe connection or for an attack line, the spanners work on all caps and couplings on the fireground.
  • Undoes Couplings - No need to run back to the truck to grab spanners. Keep these mini spanner wrenches in your bunker gear pockets.
  • Great Value Pack of 2 - This firefighter spanner wrench comes in pairs.

Motis Mini Spanner Wrench - 2 Pack