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  • Efficient Forcible Entry Door Wedge - Use the Motis Wedge to force a gap on locked doors when using forcible tactics to gain entry. Use the tip of the wedge to pry a small gap so you can use a shove knife or loid tool for gaining entry when force is not needed. It’s a worthwhile addition to your set of firefighting tools and equipment.
  • Effective Door Chock - Our wedges also double as door stoppers. Secure a clear way out by using this metal tool as a door stop.
  • Easy to Carry & Access - Motis’ wedge & door stopper weighs only 5 ounces, making it easy to take anywhere. Its body is long enough to ensure a firm grip but small enough so this wedge conveniently fits in your bunker gear pocket.
  • Heavy-duty & Reliable - These firefighter wedges are made of sturdy 6061 T6 aluminum. The curved surfaces of our wedge help to lock the wedge in place.
  • Essential Tool for Firefighters - Firefighters during a crisis need firefighting equipment that assures rapid entry & egress. This firefighter tool does both.

Motis ForcibleEntry Wedge - 2 Pack

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